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SIS Resources has been online since 2007 and provides content for users of the PowerSchool School Information System (SIS) program.  It was one of the first web sites to have custom reports and pages for PowerSchool users to download, plus provide information on customizing PowerSchool and using SQL in PowerSchool.  It's currently the home to the latest version of the popular customization sqlReports, along with the largest collection of reports on the web for sqlReports.  Below is a breakdown of what you'll find on this site:

sqlReports - since 2009, PowerSchool users have been able to easily create interactive custom reports within PowerSchool by using SQL and a free customization called sqlReports.  With it you can design reports and charts on any table in PowerSchool and allow admins and teachers to run the reports while logged into either the admin or teacher portal.

Reports - this site has over 200 sqlReports, some which are free and others which can only be accessed with a subscription.  Most of the reports output in the traditional format of columns and rows, but some are charts using the sqlCharts feature of sqlReports.

Downloads - in additon to the sqlReports download, the site has some free add-ons for sqlReports and some free miscellaneous downloads.  It's also the home for sqlExports and some premium downloads.

Resources - the resources area includes sqlReports documentation, articles with information on how to use SQL and tips and tricks for using sqlReports.

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