Customizing PowerSchool

If you're new to customizing PowerSchool, the following should help you get started and make it easier for you to load customizations from this site:

SQL Related

The following articles should help you become more familiar with SQL (Structured Query Language).  SQL is used extensively with sqlReports and becoming familiar with it will help you create reports or understand and be able to edit other's reports.  These articles are unique in that they use PowerSchool as a reference, which should make it easier to understand and relate to compared to generic SQL sites that are online.

  • Basic SQL - if you're not familiar with SQL or just want a refresher on the basics, start here
  • Intermediate SQL - once you know the basics, move on to some more powerful commands
  • Advanced SQL - how to use pivot tables and create derived tables with joins or withs.


sqlReports Troubleshooting

The following articles have some tips and tricks for sqlReports, plus they can come in handy for troubleshooting.


Basic How To's for sqlReports

The following articles cover basic how-to's for sqlReports and most of the information is also in the user guide.