sqlReports 5.3 coming soon

I was notified of a couple issues with the 5.1.1 version (Thanks Tim K!) and the only fix for them is to update the DataTables and Buttons files in sqlReports with the latest versions.  I've been using DataTables, which is a jquery plugin from www.datatables.net, with sqlReports 4 and higher.  Version 1.9.x of it was really stable, but had the Flash component.  He released 1.10, and the new Buttons part to move away from Flash, a couple years ago.  While 1.10.x is pretty stable, the Buttons part seems to be still maturing, although the latest version seems pretty stable.

With regards to 5.1.1, one issue Tim noted was the Copy button using the copyFlash code doesn't appear when the computer doesn't have Flash installed.  Another thing is some newer browsers have issues with the other buttons.  I've created a new version of sqlReports - I'm calling it 5.3 because 5.2 was taken with a beta release - and I'm doing some testing with it.  Tim K has tested it as well and the issues he was seeing with 5.1.1 aren't there with 5.3, and the copy issues that Peter N reported with the copy button in 5.1 itself are fixed as well, so 5.3 will be released sometime this week.