sqlReports 5.4.0 is Now Available

The main change is the addition of the full version of sqlCharts to the free version of sqlReports.  sqlCharts Lite has been removed and replaced with the full version that has until now only been available to site subscribers.   Detailed information about sqlCharts and the charts it can display can be found here, but for those who have been using sqlCharts Lite, you'll notice the following changes:

  • instead of seeing chart choices on the params page, you'll only see parameters, and when you click on submit, you'll be taken to the sqlCharts page
  • sqlCharts allows you to create either single series charts or multi-series ones.  See the link mentioned above for screenshots of all the chart types.  At the bottom of the sqlCharts page is a data table.  If there are only 2 columns, only single series charts will be available for use.  If there are more than 2 columns, then multi-series charts will also be available.

The user guide in the Documentation area has more information about using sqlCharts.  The other change was to remove the coding for 0 decimal places in the charts.  The charts will now show decimal values and you will need to make any decimal adjustments within the sql itself based on how you want the values to appear on the chart.

A multi-series chart was made available for free so users can see sqlCharts in action.  The Gender Breakdown by Grade Levels report on the Enrollment Reports page is now available for anyone to use.

Pages that were changed were the params.html page in the free version to remove sqlCharts Lite, the edit.html page in the free version to add more initial chart options, the help.html file in the free version to include sqlCharts, and the sqlCharts page in all versions to remove the decimal formatting.   Page footers were all changed to 5.4.0.