Upcoming Reports and Add-Ons

At conferences people sometimes ask me what's in the works or in the pipeline.   I thought I'd give a brief list of what I'm currently working on:

  • some new reports dealing with SAT and PSAT scores - I already have the reports finished, but I need to get enough data on my test server to make some screenshots.  The reports have color coding to match the red, yellow, and green colors used with the test results.
  • miscellaneous reports - I want to add more reports to sections where there aren't many, such as Fees, PowerLunch, and Staff Reports.  I also have more standards reports to add.
  • sqlReports add-ons for the student and teacher screens areas, teacher portal backpack area, and maybe PT Pro - I'm working on pages that will let one display several reports within the student and staff screens areas.  For example, an admin would go to a student and see a sqlReports link on the left and click on it and see a list of reports tagged to show up (vs all of the reports on the main sqlReports page showing up).  The reports would be student specific and need very few parameters.  But instead of having to add a bunch of custom pages to the more2.html page, one can just have a sqlReports area for admins to run additional student reports.   Something similar would be in the teacher backpack area, and if I can get the coding correct, available in PT Pro as well. 


In addition to the above things related to sqlReports, I'm working on plans for a 2nd SIS Resources web site that will include forums, downloads of various things, and a place for user supplied sqlReports reports.  This site will remain, the new site is to mainly have additional things without overwhelming this site.

Lots of things in the works!