New Standards Reports Added

I added eight new reports to the Standards Reports area.  Three of them are free - two are based on the Standards Grades Search Tool (aka SGST) download from this site and the other is based on grades breakdown by section.  The SGST sqlReports are slightly different in that they don't include searching by grade level or by comment, and don't show comments, but they do show the Last Updated information for the standard grade.

The other five reports are only for site subscribers and some provide useful information on the setup of the standards, and some show a breakdown of standards grades for a section for the school year.  The ones that provide setup information should be handy for those who need to view information on all the standards at one time versus having to go standard by standard in the setup area.  They allow you to filter to help find specific information on the standards.  There is also a report where one can choose a course and see all the standards tied to that course.   The breakdown of standards grades reports are available for either the admin or teacher portal.  Unlike the free version, the terms are listed by columns.

I also added a new how-to article on how to change grading terms in the reports on the site that use the Pivot command.  The new article can be found here.