Introducing the Custom Standards Reports customization

A couple years ago, Bob Cornacchioli and I collaborated on something called the Standards Grade Search Tool, aka SGST.  Instead of being a sqlReport, it was a custom page.  We've decided to come up with some additional custom pages and are releasing the Custom Standards Reports customization, which can be found here.  The customization includes an updated version of the Standards Grade Search Tool, plus a report that was originally a sqlReport called the Standards Grades % Breakdown, and a new report called Count of Assignments Tied to a Standard.  More information about each, as well as screenshots, can be found at the link mentioned earlier, and in the User Guide in the download.

All three reports are custom pages, however, they have functionality similar to sqlReports with regards to the output.  Column filtering is available as well as buttons to copy or export the data.  The latest version of the DataTables plugin is used with the custom pages, which means the buttons are HTML5 buttons instead of Flash, and should allow the buttons to be used on any computer.

The download for the original SGST has been removed from the site, however a free sqlReports version of it is still available for the teacher portal on the Standards Reports sqlReports page.  The sqlReport version of the Standard Grade % Breakdown has also been removed.


UPDATE - I added a new report on 12/11/17 which shows a count of the number of grades given to a standard based on a term chosen by the user.  If you installed the original plugin and you wish to use the new one, delete the old plugin first and then install the new one.