Bug with the Open in New Window option

I had someone email me today with a bug they've found with the Open in New Window choice in sqlReports (thanks Charles P!) and I've been able to duplicate the issue.  What happens is it appears things are working okay, but the data on the results page does not update based on new parameters.  The new parameters will show at the top of the page, but are not being used in the report itself.  The report runs okay if the Open in New Window is not used.  Here's a screenshot of the option - it's located in the Edit, Results Page area:

I'll be doing research to see if this is something that has happened in new versions of sqlReports, or has been there for awhile.   For now, if you have any reports that have that box checked, please check to see if the report is working okay, and if so, please let me know which version of sqlReports you're running.  If the report isn't working though, be sure to uncheck the box so that the report functions correctly.



Updated to show how to find reports with the box checked:

Reports that have Open in New Window checked will have a 1 in the ValueLi field in the gen record for the report.  Here are a couple ways to find the reports:

Using SQL:

select g.name
from gen g
where g.cat like 'sqlReport%' and g.ValueLi = 1
order by g.name

Using DDE:

1 - go to the Gen table
2 - do a search where cat = sqlreports and ValueLi = 1