Issue with & and Column Filtering

Update - sqlReports and are now available and fix the issue mentioned below, plus they also fix an issue with row grouping counts not appearing (in 5.4.3 the issue was only with the HTML5 buttons).

If you're using the HTML5 buttons, either if 5.5.2 or 5.4.3, there is an issue with column filters and the & symbol.   Column filtering overall still works okay, but if there's an item in the column filtering dropdown with an & and you choose it, you will not get any results.  For example, if you have an & in a course name and choose that course name from the drop-down filter, you won't get any results.  Choosing a course name without a & works fine.  A workaround for now is to use the Search box and filter anything with an & using it. 

The problem doesn't happen with sqlReports 4 or using the Flash buttons in 5.4.3.  The results page in those cases are actually using DataTables 1.9.x, whereas the HTML5 buttons pages use DataTables 1.10.x.  The column filter widget is actually an add-on that someone created for DataTables 1.9.x but didn't update for 1.10.x, so even though the overall functionality still works, there may be some bugs with it.  I'm looking into a different column filter widget for 5.6.

Thanks to Romy B for notifying me of the issue!