sqlReports 9th Birthday = 9% Discount thru March

March 16th, 2018, marks the 9th birthday for sqlReports and to kick things off, all new subscriptions or quotes through March 2018 will receive a 9% discount.  Here are the details:

  • the discount is for any new subscription - full site subscription, reports only site subscription, or sqlExports subscription
  • it does not apply to renewals or repeat customers and cannot be combined with other discounts
  • it applies to any orders received in March 2018 or quotes prepared in March 2018
  • it's retroactive back to January 1, 2018.  I'll be contacting those who ordered a new subscription since then and give them the option to receive a refund or apply it as a credit to a future purchase.  If you requested a quote in January or February, you can request a new quote with the discount included.
  • if you're interested, please follow the steps on the How to Order page

The annual birthday week will kick off on March 12th and involve some free reports, tips and tricks, and some new releases.