sqlReports 5.6.0 Preview Release 1 Now Available

A preview release of sqlReports 5.6 is now available to download and install on test servers.  Do not use on production servers!  This release only includes files for the admin portal and should only be installed by those already familiar with sqlReports as the new features are not in the online user guide.  Files for the teacher portal will be available in a future release.

My goal was to release this during Birthday Week, but I kept trying some new things and working out some things before doing a release.  It primarily includes new features, such as a Header and Footer section, and a student screens version, and I plan to release a second release once I receive some feedback.  The second release will feature any needed changes, plus some changes to existing features as requested by users.  So if you filled out the form and provided some enhancement requests, those requests may still be added. 

The download can be found here and please provide any feedback by emailing me at matt @ sisresources.com.