New Articles Related to Free Reports and Premium Reports

Every once in awhile I'll hear someone say you have to have a subscription to use any of the reports on this site.  I'm not sure why they would say that because there are over 30 free reports on the site!  Maybe it's because they heard someone else say it or they just haven't taken the time to actually browse the site.  So to make things easier and to clear up any confusion, I created a page that lists all of the free reports and linked to it from the Reports / Charts main page, and here's a direct link to the page.

I also hear every once in awhile that someone really wants to buy a site subscription but they're having a hard time getting approval to do so.  So I created another article on suggestions I've given people to help convince others.  Basically it comes down to the old adage "Time is Money".  A site subscription can save one a lot of time and money because the reports are already made.  The article covers that and provides some numbers to help back up things.  There's a link to it on the Site Subscriptions Overview and Pricing page, and here is a direct link to the article.