Locked Reporting Terms Reports Added

I added a couple new reports to the site dealing with the new feature in PS 12 where one can lock PT Pro gradebooks.  They're in the Gradebook Reports area and one report is free and one is for site subscribers only and they both start with the word Lock.  The free report shows all the sections at the current school that use PT Pro and the status for each section, such as which terms are locked by default, which ones are unlocked by default, and if the defaults have been overridden.  The premium report allows an admin to see the lock setup information, but with the actual dates involved.  For example, if a school sets the lock to happen 5 days after a term ends and 10 days before the lock date to warn teachers, the report shows that but also the actual dates involved.  So one can see when the term ends, the date the lock will take effect, and the date when teachers will first be warned.  It's a report could also be put on the teacher portal if one wants the teachers to know the dates involved.

The sql to do the free report was pretty challenging and took a few days to get right.  I thought I had it one day but noticed I wasn't getting the resutls right, so I actually ended up starting over and coming up with a new report altogether.   I had to look at the PS 12 data dictionary and do a search for new tables and fields with Ver12 next to them to find out where some of the information was being stored.  There are some new tables involved, but also some new fields in some old tables as well that are used.  The setup report was easy compared to the section one, although the part regarding warning teachers threw me at first when I wasn't seeing the warning in the gradebook.  I was thinking it was the number of days prior to the end of the term, but it's actually the number of days prior to the lock date. 

I plan to add some more lock related reports, but for now I'm working on some regarding other new things in PS 12, such as the PT Pro teacher comment bank and some related to student contacts.  Those should all be done and added to the site within the next few days.