Student Contacts Section and Reports Added

I added a new section to the site called Student Contacts.  The reports in it should only be used on PS 12 and higher as they deal with the new student contacts system in PS 12.  The new section can be found here.  I added 8 reports to the section - 4 for the admin portal and 4 for the teacher portal, with a couple of the admin portal ones being free.  The reports mainly deal with mailing information and primary and emergency contact phone numbers.  I plan to add many more reports to the section covering other aspects of student contacts - I just wanted to get the section added to the site and some reports in it.

I was planning on adding the section and reports a few days ago, but when I thought I had everything working correctly, I would run into a little gotcha or decide to tweak something.  The sql surrounding student contacts is definitely a challenge and things were a lot easier to figure out with the table and field layout from Jason Springel's "What's New in PowerSchool 12" download on PowerSource Exchange.  If you build reports around student contacts, be sure to get it and also the PS 12 data dictionary as there will be some things in the dictionary you'll need as well.  Needless to say, it rivals building reports dealing with health or incidents or the gradebooks.  But sqlReports is a great way to display and view the information, especially to check things over or to provide the data to teachers.