Updated the It Works in Developer but not in sqlReports article

I updated the "It Works in Developer but not in sqlReports" article with some new formatting to make it easier to find information, as well as some new information.  The article can be found here.  The main sections are still the same, but I added subheadings to make it easier to find some of the information when scrolling down the page instead of having to read everything to find the information.

I also added some new information based on recents emails I've received dealing with things that work in Developer but not sqlReports.  I added a part that shows how to split lastfirst into two columns.  It uses regexp_replace and square brackets, so one has to replace the square brackets with chr codes.  I also added how commas and the word From in the results part of a case statement can cause issues.  sqlReports counts the number of commas between the word select and from, so commas in the case results part can add to the count, or the word from in the results part can cause the count to stop when it hits that from.  The article contains examples of both and how to work around them.