sqlFormLetters 3.0 is Now Available

sqlFormLetters 3 is now available for site subscribers.  Here is a list of what's new in 3:

  • Added a feature to help check the header, footer, and sql query information for possible cross-site scripting issues.
  • Added a check box on the Text tab to allow one to ignore the information on the SQL tab.
  • Added a feature to the SQL Query area to help concatenate the Select part of the SQL.
  • Added a Cross-Site Errors tab to the online help.
  • Redid some coding on the built-in student and staff letters for the header and footer to accomodate a cross-site scripting error workaround.
  • Changed the chart files coding to use javascript only and not Flash.
  • Added an Edit sqlFormLetter to the breadcrumb when a preferred admin runs the letter.
  • Added a "tlist_sql Basics" guide for those who are creating custom letters and want to learn more about tlist_sql.