Misc Downloads

The following can be downloaded by clicking on the Download buttoms below.   Once you download the zip files from below, it's very important that you unzip them and follow the directions in the Installation Guides.  The downloads contain plugin files, which is the recommended installation approach to use if you use Custom Page Manager (CPM).  If you're not familiar with plugins, please read the Using Plugins article on this site first.

Click on the link at the start of each paragraph to go to the home page for that download.  The download counters started on July 16, 2015, which is the first day this page became active.

Custom Links Lite

Custom Links Lite is a free version of Custom Links.  This is Version 1.2, which was previously only available to full site subscribers.  It has limitations compared to Version 2, such as it only works in the admin portal and only allows one admin group to be the preferred group. 

Custom Links Lite (7/19/2017) NEW Size: File Size 211.88 KB Downloads: Download 5 Download


sqlFormLetters Lite

sqlFormLetters Lite is a free version of sqlFormLetters.  It has limitations compared to the full version, such as letters are not saved to the database, but you could still use the lite version to create student and staff letters.  Free letters to use with it can be found here.

sqlFormLetters Lite (7/1/2015) Size: File Size 216.09 KB Downloads: Download 747 Download


Standards Grade Search Tool (SGST)

SGST is a customization for the admin and teacher portal created as a collaboration between Bob Cornacchioli and Matt Freund and it allows admins and teachers to search for grade information with regards to standards.  It works similar to sqlReports with regards to the output and is an example of how to use sqlReports files with custom pages.  The download includes an extensive user guide written by Bob.  The changes made in version 2.1 can be found here.

SGST v. 2.1 (12/10/2016) Size: File Size 2.22 MB Downloads: Download 455 Download


Matt's Handouts - 2017 National PSUG

The download contains handouts for use in Matt's sessions at the 2017 National PSUG Conference.  This download will only be online through Friday, July 28.  Once you download the file, unzip it to find the pdf's that correspond to the session.

Matt's Handouts - 2017 National PSUG NEW Size: File Size 343.38 KB Downloads: Download 2 Download