Terms of Use

The following applies to anyone who logs into sisresources.com (site subscribers, sqlExports users) and their use of the premium content of this website:

What Is Allowed

You are allowed to copy and import premium reports and/or install premium downloads on your district server only.  This includes both a production and test server.

What Isn't Allowed

The following applies for all accounts on the sisresources.com site, regardless if the account is active or inactive:

You're not allowed to share the premium content with anyone outside of the district.  This includes allowing others to login as you, sending others a copy of a premium report or premium download, or uploading and sharing a premium report or premium download with others via any web site.   This applies to the original premium report or premium download, plus any versions with slight variations to the original, such as changing the report title and adding or subtracting fields to a report, or modifications to premium downloads. 

You're not allowed to share the content of a premium report in another format, such as a sql query, custom page, PowerQuery, or an Enterprise Reporting report. 

You're not allowed to take any premium content with you if you leave your district.  Once you leave your district you must notifiy the sisresources.com site administrator of your departure and your account will be deactivated.  A mass email will be sent to subscribers at random times to check for valid email accounts and those that bounce back will be suspended and investigated.

Consequences of Violating the Terms of Use

If it's determined a person has violated these terms of use on purpose, the accounts of everyone at the district will be suspended and the site subscription and/or sqlExports support cancelled and no refunds will be issued.   If the violations occur after a site subscription or support for sqlExports has expired, legal action of cease and desist orders and/or fines will be pursued.  Furthermore, SIS Resources / Matt Freund will not do any business with the district involved or any district that employs the person that has committed the violations. 

(updated 7/7/2016)