sqlExports Subscription - Overview and Pricing

A sqlExports subscription is a district-wide annual purchase and districts receive the following with a subscription:

sqlExports Subscription

bullet blue alt access to downloads of the current version sqlExports for a year - districts can keep using sqlExports even if the subscription expires
bullet blue alt support for sqlExports for a year to help with any installation or running of sqlExports


bullet blue alt Year 1:  10 cents per active student in the district - covers the initial purchase of sqlExports and Year 1 support
bullet blue alt Annual Renewals:  5 cents per active student in the district - ongoing support and access to current releases

The subscription does not cover the creation of or troubleshooting of any reports created by the user for use with sqlExports.  Price Guarantee - if PS ever releases a version that breaks the reporting engine and makes sqlExports useless and has not plans to fix the issue, you'll receive a prorated refund of your purchase or support for that year.

sqlExports Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Is sqlExports included as part of a sqlReports Site Subscription?

No - it's a separate purchase.

Is a sqlReports Site Subscription required to use sqlExports?

No - it'll work with the free version of sqlReports or the site subscription version.

Do I need to be on a specific version of PowerSchool to use it?

Yes - you must be on at least PowerSchool 9 or higher.

How do I order the sqlExports subscription?

Contact Matt with the number of active students in the district and he will send you a quote to use for ordering purposes.

Where do I find information on renewing the sqlExports subscription?

Visit the Renewal FAQ under the Subscriptions menu.